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Easytripgo, it can be traced back to as early as 2019 when we are Indonesia official general distributor of Skyroam which is the world's leading mobile data traffic sharing marketplace based on Cloud SIM technology. 

Under the circumstance of providing the service and experience to Southeast Asian customers,we have created our own localized brand-Easytripgo.

Easytripgo WiFi coverage has expanded to 130+ countries overseas via its patented Virtual SIM technology. We are specialized to provide a seamless & convenient way for the users to connect to the fastest internet in town & overseas. And there is a good news we can‘t wait to tell you. In May of 2022, we have launched the first product which suit for Southeast Asia market -Easytripgo E1. 

You can control the device by the Easytripgo app from Google Play &App Store and choose the flexible data package to fit your travelling schedule.

What’s more, if you have bought our device before when we are still Skyroam Indonesia, we’ll serve you wholeheartedly as long as you contact us. Being our loyal customers, more shopping deals will be offered to you.  

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Easytripgo INDONESIA

Jl. KH Hasyim Ashari No.461, RT.003/RW.001, Nerogtog, Kec. Pinang, Kota Tangerang, Banten 15145 KOTA TANGERANG - PINANG (PENANG) BANTEN ID 15145

EMAIL: idsupport@easytripgo.com

CONTACT NUMBER :+6221-223-041-10

 Whatsapp:+62 811-8099-955 

OFFICE HOUR :Monday to Sunday, 9am- 10pm

About Us

Do you have any questions?

If I notice an additional charge from my wireless provider, will Easytripgo reimburse for my additional expenses?
Easytripgo customers are responsible to ensure their mobile devices are connected to the Easytripgo network to avoid additional charges by their wireless providers.
If mobile devices are not connected to the Easytripgo hotspot, customers may be charged additionally from their wireless provider.
Easytripgo will not reimburse additional charges from wireless providers
I forgot to add a discount code at checkout, will Easytripgo issue a credit or refund?
Once orders have already been placed, Easytripgo cannot apply additional changes and discounts after a purchase has finalized. Instead, please use your code on your next purchase!
Where does Easytripgo have covered?
currently available in 130+ countries, and we are always working on expanding to new destinations!
Shipping Info
At the moment, Easytripgo only offer shipping in the Indonesia. Free Shipping to all Indonesia customers
After the estimated shipping day but have not received my order?
We're sorry to hear that you haven't received your order timely. Once the product is shipped out of our warehouses, it is the courier's responsibility to deliver timely. There could be instances that delay shipping time such as the courier receiving influx of shipments, natural catastrophes, and many more. You can check your tracking information to receive the latest update of your order.
Can I change my shipping option after I place my order?
You can change your shipping option if our warehouse haven't prepared your order. Typically, it takes up to 1-2 working days for our warehouse to prepare your order. You can contact our Customer Support Team to determine if you're eligible to change your shipping option.
Are you stuck loading at the status page?
Please try:
1. Physically move around or change your location.
2. Power off your hotspot and wait for 10 minutes.
3. If nothing improves, please call or email customer support.
What about cruise ships?
Easytripgo will work by ports or on land where there is cell reception, but not far out at sea (only satellite technology is available far from land). However, our customers find Easytripgo to be one of the best options for staying connected at cruise destinations!
What about airplanes?
No, your hotspot will not work on an airplane. Easytripgo operates on cellular data signals, and only satellite technology works up in the air.
Fair Use Policy
Our goal at Easytripgo is to provide high-speed internet access to our users! To ensure we optimize our data network to provide the best speeds to our customers worldwide, we practice an industry standard Fair Use Policy. Our Fair Use Policy is consistent with most mobile carriers and broadband company policies for mobile data usage. Because our network is a limited resource, customers who take a disproportionately high amount of data may experience reduced network speeds, based on location and service, so that we protect Fair Usage for all.
The Fair Use Policy only applies to the following service plans:
• Unlimited Global Daypass
• Unlimited Monthly Subscription
What can I do to avoid reduced speeds?
To ensure you have uninterrupted high-speed data, we strongly recommend disabling apps and features that consume data in the background, including cloud syncing, large system updates, auto-backups, auto-app updates, and avoid extended use of video streaming, gaming and other online activities that consume large amounts of data.
Why can’t I connect and register my Easytripgo E1 device hotspot?
Have you tried:
1. Locate your unique WiFi network/SSID & password or QR code: This can be found at the bottom of your hotspot. You can connect your Easytripgo E1 device network to any personal device.
2. Once you are connected to your Easytripgo E1 device network, you may follow the steps to register.
If you are still having problems registering your Easytripgo E1 device hotspot, please send an email to marketing.id@easytripgo.com (MY) and include your full Easytripgo E1 device SN#.
Why can’t I power and connect my hotspot?
Have you tried:
1. Charge the device with the provided USB-C cable: Plug the charging cable into Easytripgo E1 device and connect to a power source. (Included accessory: 1x Easytripgo USB-C cable)
2. Power on your Easytripgo E1 device for the first time: Press and hold power button to turn on your hotspot.
Why can’t I connect if I am in a country that is covered?
There are a variety of factors that affect a connection or signal such as your location, surroundings, building infrastructure, and whether or not if there are any cellular towers in proximity.
Here are few things you can try if your coverage is affected:
• Power off your Easytripgo E1 device and wait for 10 minutes.
• Go to a location with good cellular signal:
o By the windows
o Higher floors
o Outside
Can I ship to a location that is not my residence?
As long as the shipping address you provide is valid and can be identified, we will ship to your destination. Please remember, customers are responsible to be present during the estimated shipping date. Easytripgo is not liable for any loss or misplaced packages.